Becas Matanchen Listings
Name: Peter Anthony Lynch
Hometown: Santa Cruz, Nayarit, Mexico

Hello everyone. My name is Peter Lynch and I was born, raised and educated in San Francisco, California. I attended the University of San Francisco and received my Bachelor of Science in Economics in 1969 and my Master of Business Administration in 1972. I spent 20 years as an international executive and had the pleasure of traveling to six continents and 65 countries. I later served for 24 years as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch. My passions and hobbies are tennis, fly fishing, golf, reading and travel.  As a young boy, I learned early on that an education could unlock vast opportunities. I was most fortunate to be the recipient of the kindness from a couple who put me through the first two years at St. Ignatius College Prep.  As a member of our community here in Mexico, I am honored to reciprocate the opportunity of an education to qualifying  young men and women who reside here.