Becas Matanchen Listings
Name: Nancy Coursen
Hometown: Yountville, California

I live in Yountville, California (Napa Valley) and co-own a small winery. I come down to visit Fritz Baker in Playa los Cocos as often as I can. I love the area and have enjoyed meeting many of its residents. I initially got a great feel for the scholarship program when I attended a student/sponsor gathering at Fritz’s home. I was particularly impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and their gratitude for the opportunity to follow their educational goals. I have had a lifetime appreciation of education having grown up in an academic family. As Vice President of Finance and Development at Stanford University, my father lived a life devoted to higher education. In addition to his office job, he and my mother frequently hosted gatherings where students and faculty got together to the betterment of both. My hope is that the Matanchen Bay Scholarship Program will generate the same lifelong love of learning and education I have enjoyed.